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Printer Maintenance Kits

ACOM’s Printer Maintenance Kits are less expensive than what you would buy from the manufacturer. Our kits are all guaranteed against defects in both workmanship and materials.

What’s in a printer maintenance kit? Most kits include:

  • New fuser
  • Transfer rollers
  • Pick-up rollers
  • And other parts

In other words, a printer maintenance kit includes all the parts that are most likely to wear out aren't covered under your maintenance contract. And the best part about buying a complete kit is that it is much cheaper than buying all these parts separately.

What does a printer maintenance kit do?

Normal or heavy printer use will cause your printer’s fuser assembly and rubber rollers to wear down. This makes it difficult for them to grip the paper. If your printer gets to this point, there are only two things you can do—call the repairman or get a new printer!

You can often prevent this, however, by buying a printer maintenance kit.

When should I install the printer maintenance kit?

Each printer manufacturer has different recommendations on when you should install your kit. But no matter what the interval at which the manufacturer determines that you should install your kit, installing the kit will ensure that your printer remains a reliable and well-performing machine.

So, protect your printer today with an ACOM printer maintenance kit.

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