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Laser Checks (U.S. Compliant) Pressure Seal Checks
Laser Checks (Canadian Compliant) Double Window Envelopes
Why You Should
Buy ACOM’s Blank Laser Check Stock

You Will Avoid Check Fraud Losses

American companies lose over 18 billion every year to check fraud, and it usually goes on for 18 months before someone detects it! Here's how we've been protecting our clients from this problem for over 28 years:

- Blank Laser Check Stock (U.S. Compliant)Each check comes with 12 enhanced security features to prevent criminals from photocopying, tampering with, or chemically altering the check, surpassing the American Bankers Association (ABA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), & X9 Financial Industry compliance standards!

- Double Window EnvelopesEach envelope uses a blue security tint to hide checks and valuable content from outside view. You don't need to worry about your checks geting stolen in the mail!

- Pressure Seal ChecksThese checks have 11 enhanced security features to prevent someone from photocopying, tampering with, chemically altering, or defrauding them, even in the mail! They use a security block-out so when they're folded and sealed, no one can see inside! They also surpass ABA, ANSI, & X9 standards.

- Blank Laser Check Stock (Canadian Compliant) – Now you can send checks to Canadian residents that all Canadian banks accept! These checks surpass Canada Payments Association (CPA) compliance standards, and won’t be photocopied, tampered with, or chemically altered because they have 14 enhanced security features!

You Don't Pay For Bad Check Stock

With some companies, you still have to pay for the check stock even if it came out of the box defective! Instead, ACOM gives you:

- ACOM’s 45-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied with our blank check stock for ANY reason in the first 45 days, you get a full refund. No questions asked!

You never know when your company could be targeted for costly check fraud. Order ACOM’s check stock today to get protected as soon as possible!