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Burgundy Pressure Seal Check - 8.5 X 14", Z-Fold

Burgundy Z-Fold Pressure Seal Check Stock - 8.5 X 14

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$210.00 per case of 2000

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Shouldn't Your Company Use Checks With This Level of Protection If It's At The Lowest Total Price Available?

It's not security features. Every check should have at least 7 basic security features...

It's also not its compliance with ANSI (American National Standard Institute), ABA (American Banking Association), and X9 (Financial Industry Standards). Those are absolutely required for passing checks through every bank's processing...

Instead, this check stock's secret weapon is...

Every U.S. Bank Recognizes & Enforces it's 12 Security Enhancements!

73% of organizations experienced attempted or actual payments fraud in 2009. and 90% of these crimes were check fraud!

Why is check fraud still so widespread? Partly because many checks out there use security features that banks do not recognize, leaving them vulnerable to check fraud.

But this check's security features make it obvious if it's a photocopied, scanned, tampered, or chemically altered version. Your bank will reject it instantly.

See the security enhancements for yourself. Click on the 'more details' tab above!

Why it's The Lowest Total Price You'll Find

We guarantee the lowest total price! Compare this check stock's total pricing with any other vendor online, after shipping, discounts, and any fees. If another vendor has a lower price, we'll match it or pay you the difference within 30 days of purchase! And, of course, take 45 days to try these checks out. If your not satisfied for any reason, we'll give you a full refund, You risk nothing!

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