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Bottom Form Laser Check - Blue-Red, 2 Perforation, & Control #

Blue-Red Bottom Check, Secure Blank Check Stock, 2 Perforation with Control Number

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$170.00 per case of 2500

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Acom's high security blank check stock are your best defense against rising check fraud concerns.Please see our volume discounts below. For quantities over 100k sheets please call 833-258-2252 for a custom quote.
• 8.5" x 11" Sheet
• 24lb Safety Bond Paper
• Blue-Red Bottom Check with Control # on the back
• 3 2/3" Checks with 2 Perforations

• 12 Security Features

• 2,500 per case

# Cases (2500)


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Price per 1000

Price per Case

1 - 2

2.5k - 5k


$68.00 ea

$170.00 ea

3 - 4

7.5k - 10k


$64.00 ea

$160.00 ea

5 - 9

12.5k - 22.5k


$60.00 ea

$150.00 ea

10 - 19

25k - 47.5k


$55.00 ea

$137.50 ea




$50.00 ea

$125.00 ea

Security Features

1. Prismatic Colored Background - The graduated colors are difficult to photocopy accurately

2. True Fluorescent Fibers -Fibers show only under ultraviolet light that can't be copied or scanned

3. Micro Printing - Line borders on check are micro-printerd with words and symbols to small to be photocopied

4. Toner Grip®+ - A paper treatment that makes it difficult to remove toner from laser printed documents

5. Brownstain - Appears when activated by a chlorine-based eradicator and ruins the check

6. Solvent Dye Reaction - Stains appear if counterfeiter tried to chemically alter checks

7. Alterficial Watermark - A watermark on the back of the check that certifies all legal ANSI & ABA specs have been met

8. Non Negotiable Stub Backer - "Non-Negotiable" is printed on the back of the check to stop fraudulent use of remaining check paper

9. Copy-Void Paitograph - VOID will appear repeatedly on the fact of the check which prevents photocopying in most cases.

10. Warning Band - Calls attention to security features on check to deter counterfeiters

11. Security Features Box - Describes some of the visible and hidden security features to deter counterfeiters.

12. Check Protect - Chemical Stain: A multilingual VOID appears when activated by a chlorine based eradicator

More Details

Blue-Red Bottom Form, Secure Blank Check Stock - 2 Perforation with Control #

Ensure the highest level of security with our Blue-Red Bottom Form Secure Blank Check Stock - 2 Perforation. ACOM MICR Experts offers advanced security features that protect against fraud, tampering, and unauthorized alterations. Trust us to safeguard your business transactions with reliable and secure check stock.

Take advantage of our price match program and get the best value for your investment. If you find a lower price for this product from another vendor, we will match it or refund the difference within 30 days of purchase. Partner with ACOM MICR Experts for unrivaled security and exceptional savings. Shop now and experience peace of mind with our Blue-Red Bottom Form, Secure Blank Check Stock - 2 Perforation with Control #.


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Deidre' Troost-Rhodes from Morton Grove, IL United States
February 10, 2015
Blue-Red Bottom Form, Secure Blank Check Stock - 2
We order Blue-Red Bottom Form, Secure Blank Check Stock - 2 Perforation with Control #, the order process was simple and the delivery time was perfect.
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T Rowe from NC - United States
January 3, 2013
Check Reorder
Web ordering process was painless and I encountered no issues.
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August 28, 2012
The online ordering system is very user friendly and is always easy to re-order. I would like for the invoice to come in a more timely manor. I always have to call to get an invoice.
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